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 Logo Design for CPYou can get Linda’s books from the Amazon online bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or local bookseller for your PC, tablet, Kindle, or other device.  




American Dream is out as an eBook and Paperback  – and for my US fans

The Life of a Lesbian Kisser is out as an eBook in America – and as an eBook in the UK


 This perfect epic Vampire tale will curl your toes, fire your imagination, and dip into the realms of secrets you might not have even discovered in yourself!  Out on Amazon as eBook  and Paperback!  Again, for US Fans.



The tale goes back to early 1800’s America, to breath in the essence of the era. We get a teasing little glimpse of Jesse as she is growing up!  The second of Linda’s Western Romance Saga’s has Jack and Eleanor in hot pursuit of their own American dream. This is eBook only, available on Amazon. As the book cover suggests, it’s another twisting saga in the world of cowgirls, and good, old-fashioned dust! 


And now the story of the Jesse Carter is cleverly interwoven into this fabulous Oregon tale in the second Lesbian Western Romance ‘It Drew Pale’.

My Newest Creation is in Amazon.


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