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003I was born in Yorkshire, into an middle-class family of five children.  My Mother was a Yorkshire lass.  My Father, a Londoner, had itchy feet, so we were always moving around; on average we would move somewhere else every two years of my childhood.  We didn’t go on holidays, just emigrated everywhere, but would always return to England.  We lived in Canada, briefly visiting across the border in America, Ireland, Africa and various locations in England.

My Mother, a story teller, would relate exotic tales of her life experiences, or she would make up bedtime stories for us every night before being ‘tucked-in’.  Curiously though, it was my Father who was the dreamer of the family; my Mother used to balance our fantasy worlds with a good, solid practical foundation.  Our family was blissfully happy, and our colourful journeys gave us a rich outlook on life.

There have been some tender moments, and also some great times, but coupled with this were some bittersweet experiences of which I can never forget, particularly moving into my teens and early adult life, when I came out as Lesbian.  It is out of these experiences that I draw inspiration for my writing.

American Dream was originally written in my early 20’s shortly following the agonies of teenage angst.  Once I wrote it I did the usual thing most writers do at that age, I shelved it!  I went on to write poetry, five more books, articles for a local magazine,  and I was even editor-in-chief for a free factory magazine.

So, with some of my Father’s wanderlust instilled in me, I began to move around, too, and shelved all my works in the process.  Amassing knowledge, ideas, experiences, I eventually settled in Cumbria, UK.





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