Coming soon-Vampire Literature with a Difference

Karissa is not your typical predator.  She is amazingly, stunningly beautiful, and has an astounding Minoan bearing with a vampire legend that is lethally charismatic.  History entwines itself throughout the book, just as Karissa encompasses her human lovers, in a web of intrigue and violence.  It is erotic in core, yet gently romantic.  You will enjoy many exotic locations, including Africa during apartheid, The Cape, London, New York, Cumbria, Lancashire’s witch country and of course, Greece.  From the onset we meet Victoria, who with her humanistic qualities and peripheral viewpoint gives you a basis from which to enhance your own stand on society.  This novel questions everything you thought you knew about Vampires.  Everlusting Love is vibrant, telling, under-the-skin, reading!  This book will re-shape your perspectives and certainly vamp up your sense of self!  


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