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 I am always keen to link with you, and to let you know what is going on in my world. Most of you know that I have been away from the internet for some time. Well I will tell you –


  And I also moved house!

Even though I was happy moving, and very diligent in my writing career, this has also put me at a slight disadvantage on all sorts of levels. Apart from not being able to connect with you on social media, I have also had to lock myself away from the world to allow my creative juices to merge into my next projects. I have written, edited and pushed four more books into the publishing stage in the interim. But I have sorely missed my friends and relatives during the process!

It is a stressful time, not having the internet during a move which took longer than expected. But I decided that I would use the time wisely, so threw myself into my writing full time. I came up with another great Western Romance, and a couple of books that I am pushing to publishers, and my agent, with the zest of a manic orange!

As it turned out it was my re-brith.

PS: My house does not really look like a shed, by the way!

My new Lesbian Western Romance, follows on from the Carter theme. It is historically valued, with some contemporary language, so you can follow Jan Carter easily through some pretty dangerous terrain, as she treks her prime beef from Oregon, to the town of Bald Edge. Here she encounters the beautiful Mary Sutledge. But the bull-dust stirs when Jan is bushwhacked, and she tracks the perpetrator back to the Sutledge ranch!  Will Jan get her man? Or will Mary step up to the bar?  Only you can find out… watch for updates.

I have also been writing under the pen name Josie Close. The creations are very, very different in style and genre, and a whole exciting way of writing. Watch out for news of some poetry, and a few new enigmatic, ruthless women who will stop at nothing to get what they want!

I’ve also been preparing material for the York Writer’s Festival – an amazing conference where like-minded people can exchange ideas, learn how to hone their writing skills, get awards for their ingenuity, and mingle with the cream of the British Literary Society!

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Have fun until next time…  



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