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According to tradition, there’s something always to enjoy through the seasons. We have New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, with a Mother’s Day thrown in haphazardly in-between. Then there’s May Day, that brings out clog dancers, May Queens and processions that may, or may not, involve maypoles!  Followed closely by Summer Solstice, or the August Bank Holiday, where everyone must get in the car for a great British jaunt. If you don’t have a car, you find a coach trip that can afford to take you to any place of their choice, and back again, to say you’ve been out in the typical Bank Holiday wet weather. Fall into Halloween, Bonfire Night, Winter Solstace, to say nothing of the Christian festivals. Last, but not least, is the longest festival of them all, Christmas!

   It’s a series of never-ending high days one has to celebrate with gusto, or risk being outcast as a miserly Scrooge.

     Are we all meant to have happy families, countless friends, the odd wayfarer down on his luck, invited to great banqueting tables full of feast-spill, with plenty of barrels of amber nectar on tap?

It’s the lonely and alone characters of this world I feel sorry for. They are bludgeoned to death by a constant barrage of abuse at every ‘holiday’ by the media frenzy, and popular opinion, alike.  The burden of being in the minority in our society is quite uncaring, I feel! We fail to recognise, in the rush to acquire the ‘be all and end all’, that some of us are not following because we do not wish to. This is because of an assumption that everyone must do the same, or be damned!  I’m not one of the collectors of ‘necessary decorations and foodstuffs to outdo the neighbours’ kind of person. I don’t possess the mindset of a three year old who can’t choose for themselves.  I’m one of the non-indulgent ‘quietly going about my business’ sort. And I hate being forced to confront my own choice because of how others perceive it as sad loneliness! I’m perfectly happy to co-exist within that frenzied corridor where all others have seemed to lose their heads. Those who wish not to celebrate, and allow a day of rest be a day of rest, are about as popular as a fart in a lift full of people!

No-one seems satisfied with the seasonal parties, anymore. Now there is world smile day, grandparent’s day, or red eye colour day, perhaps. Everything seems geared towards making tradespeople all the richer from the glut of commercial goods covered in mounds of plastic wrapping. We seldom seem to find the real meaning of social inclusion unless it’s been on a Government manifesto during election campaigns. I really do hope it’s on the agenda on June 8th this time around, too! But I won’t hold my breath to be included in that kind of party, either. Yes, we should celebrate life. But need we be swept along within a tsunami of gift-givers, frenzied shoppers, and hedonistic party bantams?  Christmas is the time of year that I love, but it needn’t be suffused with petulant do-gooders harping on about minorities who don’t ‘join in’. For all those who wish to show a dignified solution, let there be an opt-out button – as indeed, me thinks Brexit showed its popularity with the rest of the Euro-millions.

 I ask, why can’t we give the planet a break from our human overspill? I am no stick-in-the-mud. I love celebrating when there’s a darn good reason. But I think we need to give our lovely Earth some headway in trying to deal with human detritus, before the Earth purges itself.  We could all try to quit polluting our environment, before the planet’s oblivion! Hey, how about that for a new concept? Act before the fact?

     I understand the cogs of industry must tick if we are to survive in our Brexit anxious maelstrom. But we don’t have to shop ’til we drop, or party like it’s nineteen-ninety-nine.

     As individuals we have a right, and a responsibility to protect our whole Universe.  Instead of going off half-cocked in the world of wealth apparently inhabited by the Jonathan Ross’s of society, if his insinuations on the recent ITV show ‘Don’t ask me, ask Britain’ is to be believed, let us all think like rational human beings.  I have a budget, anyway!

I’ve decided to think of alternatives where I can make a difference to my planet. So for every seasonal holiday there is, I will try to think of an alternative way to enjoy my world, and try to give back what I can to a planet that has sustained billions of creatures, plant-life, marine life, Uncle Tom Cobbly and All, to try to sustain and not corrupt it in any way. I may fall down on my wish to dish the food of life to my lovely and meaningful world, but I am still going to try. That is all one can do. All that ‘one person can make a difference’ is right, when you take it down to absolute basics. I just think it is time that everyone stopped thinking about parties, and enforced social gatherings. We can do this, and stop taking the world for granted. It’s a good thing to stop buying out the town’s store of goodies every commercial celebratory hour. I’m going to try to introduce into my life ingenious ways of treating my world, of giving back that which I have taken.

And this is not a new concept! Many people before me have actually done much already. That is why I am able to write about those who wish to take a step back from ‘the norm’ and wish to enjoy the seasons in an alternative manner that will help our ailing Earth. As I see it, it’s do something now as an individual, or be as destructive as you wish. The latter option will only get you a one-way ticket to oblivion. The heavy price of take, and no give, should have been ingrained in our learning in the year one and two playgrounds. When you do not share your kindness, you end up a lonely individual. So where did we go wrong? Why are we bent of not sharing our things so the planet can sing?

I’m going to leave you with this: The meaning of life cannot be found in disconnected, affected or commercially infected robots. We must be human; and our planet does need our wealth of knowledge, rather than our detritus! I’ve already spent some of my Easter Holiday writing this, instead of buying an Easter Egg. What shall I buy with the money I’ve saved?  I’ll gladly take your suggestions on board if you care to respond.

Happy Holidays, Planet!







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