Gentle Persuasion

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult with my own set of principles, and scruples, to do subtle.  I feel somehow that I am trying to coerce people into getting here to read my blogs.  A strange kind of usery belongs to the power of manipulation that does not sit well with me.  

All I understand, and I understand it perfectly, is that I believe in my writing.  I believe that deep down I know that I am writing books for the good of humankind.  Notice I did not specify ‘man’ kind, or ‘woman’ kind, and that is very deliberate, due to the inclusion theory I grew up with; that I learned from experience.   I took it all on board to incorporate as a thread throughout my life, regardless of the exclusion my lifestyle precluded me from, through other people’s prejudice.  I have a tenet, a catchphrase all my own, that I invented, the reason for being, and that catchphrase has been a great positive in my world.

Smile at the World, and It Will Smile Back!

I try to reflect that when I write, inputting humor within my work, whilst there is a serious side to me, and some poignant moments highlighted in every piece of semi-autobiographical ‘mistresspieces’ I undertake. And I do so love the art of authorship.  It’s all encompassing, thoroughly engrossing and absorbing beyond the real world, and yet it is real experiences that I draw from, either of someone else, or of my own.  Mostly my own. After all, the first step of any writer is not just facing a blank canvass, as painters often do, it is also facing a blank canvas with first-hand knowledge of one’s subject.  The absorbency of writing can be cathartic, in many ways it is, but it can be a dark entryway into a realm you may never have delved into before, and that is well outside your own comfort zone.  I have entered there with my next book due out in October.

Everlusting Love

Everlusting Love Cover3

I won’t tell you it is going to be a blockbuster

I won’t tell you it is going to be a bestseller

I won’t tell you it is going to be a resounding success


Everyone who knows me knows me to be self-effacing, altruistic and very modest to the point of undersell.  And that would be a true representation of me.  I am not spinning a yarn.  I am not a spin doctor. I am not a sensationalist.  I am certainly not an egoist.  I come from a long line of matriarchal self-deprecating ladies who were queens of their own realms, yet serfs of the palace.  And I breathe servitude.  Brene Brown would have me up there as a prime example for one of her theories of how not to visualize oneself.  However, I know about my writing.  I believe my writing will do good.  I believe that women need to see each other as strong individuals with goals, achievements, determination and verve, rather than want to keep them under the lock and key of ‘the old boy network’.  I actually believe that we should value equally the different attributes of males and females, not segregate, abridge or patronize one or the other, subjugate either sex.  I am of the understanding that men and women compliment each other if the one does not dominate the other.  That’s down to education, and a digression of what I am trying to say here.

To continue, I am 100% in love with my craft.  I love writing, telling my tales, telling them in a way that we get the idea of women that are on the fringes of society as society is structured in today’s world.  My world is about to change all that.  I look at women on the periphery and explore their depths, explore their roles, explore how others might perceive those of us who might feel marginalized in some strange way because of how society treats some of us who could be a little bit different.

Everlusting Love is not written for Lesbians alone!  I have examined the way in which people pigeon-hole because it is safe, because it is comfortable.  I have scrutinized my characters, and the way in which you the reader perceive them in the roles they play within the literary world of the novel.  I love my characters, I love the interaction between them. Some parts of the book are erotic, sensual, full of glossy tones and rich undertones, but some are dark, almost visceral and unkind, so that you warm to the characters, yet feel a kind of detachment from them, deliberately highlighting the very feelings you might feel if confronted with such dilemmas they face throughout the story.  Essentially, a lot of the character traits have been deeply envisioned since I was young, and had them swimming in my head.  When I began writing this particular novel, I was struck by a kind of maddening, unprotected vulnerability, that if you didn’t quite understand the characters, if you didn’t ‘get’ at least one of them, you would never understand the ‘me’ underneath them.  I crawled out from behind my curtain and revealed a bit of myself in this book. Simply because I was a victim of abuse in many ways, and I hate bullies!

I reveal the ‘me’ inside.  I uncover and bare my nakedness quite literally. Dare to love me, it says to you.  It is not Gentle Persuasion, is it?  And I Smile At The World For It To…………I Wonder…….

15/9/2015 ©  Linda Bates Author.


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